Paris Mountain

It's about time we had some refinements on this show.

Just found this in the wonderful internet attic that is youtube. 

Solid Country Gold in its entirety. 

Teaser trailer for a new webseries in development. For fans of “The Fall Guy,” I’d imagine. 

Trading Fours with Merle Haggard

On Kickstarters and Famous People

From Mars Investigations and The Bitter Script Reader, a breakdown of what happens when Spike Lee gets a Kickstarter (as opposed to Mr. Braff or Veronica Mars and Co.)

We can only speculate how that happened and why the numbers are so out of line with the other two famed Kickstarters.  I state that this is ONLY speculation - but to me, it looks like a lot of Spike’s wealthy friends were kicking in money to help him save face.  The “grass roots” level donations weren’t going to get him to the finish line, so people ponied up for the large rewards or just gave a lot of money outright to get Spike Lee across the finish line.